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Everything You Need to Know about JFK Airport Shuttle

JFK, John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport, is a major aviation hub in the world and international airport in New York City. In order to get efficient JFK shuttle, you are suggested to know some basic information about NYC car service in advance.

Located in Queens, the airport is fifteen miles from midtown Manhattan and located on Jamaica Bay. First built in 1942 and was the first to have a commercial flight on July 1, 1948, it is now one of the busiest airports in the world. Over 29 million passengers pass through JFK annually and it's a very common arrival point for international travelers.

Method 1. Airtrain

If you want to save some money traveling back and forth to JFK Airport, than the Airtrain to the subway, and the subway to your hotel is the best way to go. It will only cost you a very economical $7.25 per person.

Note: You should pay attentionyou'll have to drag your luggage up and down a lot of stairs, and then you still have to get from the subway station to your hotel.

Method 2. Taxi

There are signs that will direct you to the taxi stands outside ever terminal in the airport. The price for taxi in NYC is also not expensive. Take JFK to Manhattan as an example, Taxis at JFK Airport charge a flat fare of $52 for trips between the airport and Manhattan. You should also note that the taxis will impose a $4.50 surcharge during peak hours (4-8 p.m. weekdays, excluding holidays), for a fare of $56.50.

Note: As I mentioned in the first paragraph, JFK is one of the busiest airports in the world. As a result, there will be queues/lines of taxis waiting to take you where you want to go. An attendant should be there to answer any questions. Only take official Yellow Cabs! If someone offers to give you a ride. Run. Its probably a scam.

Method 3. Rent a Car

Some may prefer to get a New York airport car rental, as they don't have to rely on the lunch-losing taxi rides the city is known for, and they don't have to navigate the confusing subway system.

Note: Parking is both expensive and difficult to find, and you will find your money better spent on mass transit and taxis.

Method 4. Private NYC Car or Limousine Service

You can also book a private car service to make our JFK airport transfer easy. This is a great option if you want to avoid waiting in line for a taxi or if you have a group larger than four people and want to arrange for a van or limousine.

Etrip Limousines is a professional NYC car service company for worldwide customers. With Etrip, the local chauffeurs speak fluent English and willing to please every demand of airport car service and other ground transportation worldwide. Whether you're looking for A Hummer, a Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Excursion or a Party Bus, we're the right limo service provider to call. Relax and enjoy the ride!

How to Choose the Right Limousine Services Company?

Need a limousine services company while can't decide which one to choose? Well, here is an article for your reference. You don't need to think much, in fact. Find one with competitive price and meet the following factor. 

1. The Vehicles to Choose.

You deserve to have the possibility to choose the vehicle you want when it' s time to book one, especially for group business travelers and corporate limousine services. The cars should be well-maintained and clean.

2. Solutions to Flight Related Issues.

You should make sure that how they deal with the situations when you have to change a flight. Will they pay back the money? In general, a good company won' t charge extra fee if your flight is changed by the airlines. Besides, ask them how long will they wait when you order an airport car service. You know, sometimes, you have to take some time to take the luggage. The longer they can wait, the better. Some company wait for an hour for free, and some wait for 90 minutes, and also some company may charge for the waiting service. 

3. Kind Local English Speaking Drivers.

If they can' t arrive on time, it can be a headache. Many companies used the flight track system so that once the flight get delayed, the driver will know and then make some adjustment accordingly. Besides, you can ask them to give some local traveling tips.

4. The Payment and Refund Policy.

How much will they charge once you need to cancel your order. Ask in advance before payment.

5. Accessible Customer Service.

You' d better find a free toll number or telephone number on their website, rather than an email address.

6. Well-licensed and Insured.

Each city has different licensing, insurance and regulatory requirements. Ground transportation providers must ensure that their vehicles meet local requirements and standards wherever you travel. From proper insurance to umbrella accident policies, make sure your ground transportation provider is equipped to handle any situation.

Your Good Choice for Limousine Services in Over 1500 Cities 

Founded in 2015, EtripCity, or shorten as "Etrip",  prides itself as one of the most trusted luxury transportation provider to "E"asy your "trip" by offering quality limousine and chauffeured transportation services for all types of occasions worldwide. Now, our business has covered over 1500 cities in 150 countries. You can depend on EtripCity to get you to and from your destination in the safest, most efficient, and comfortable way possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Book Limousine Services?

When I searching the topic of Limousine Service in some forums such as Quora, I found many people are discussing the topic of the costs or prices of limousine service. Here I listed some common sense on this topic for your reference!

Part 1. What Are Limousines?

Different from some normal vehicles, limousines are luxury sedans or saloon cars generally driven by chauffeurs that often have a lengthened wheelbase. They are  typically more luxurious than a taxi and not fitted with a taximeter.

Part 2. What the Applications of Limousines?

Generally speaking, limousines are widely used in two markets: The corporate market, such as, especially for some black cars, where you'll mostly whisk business people from office to airport; and the "occasional" market where you'll serve individuals and their special occasions, such as, wedding, proms, etc.

Part 3. What Do Limousine Services Refer to?

Limousine services refer to the limousine renting and related services offered by limousine companies. Not like billionaires, rich businessmen, hard-charging executives, powerful politicians and A-list celebrities who are affordable to buy their own limousines, people can also experience the limousine service by booking from limousine companies at relatively lower cost.

Take Etrip Limousines for example, we offer five kinds of limousine services, including, normal limousine service, airport car service, corporate limousine service, French wine tour and chauffeur driver service.

Part 4. What Factors Affect the Prices of Limousine Services?

The prices of a limo service firstly depends on what vehicles/limos you rent and how many people will take the limo. The number of people who will be riding the limousine because that will determine the type of limo that is needed. For up to 12 people, a regular stretch limo is enough; however, larger groups may require an SUV limousine which can carry up to 16 passengers. Anything more than that would require a limo bus.

Secondly, the distances of your trips obviously make a sense. The longer the distance is, the more expensive it can be. One point to mention is that two-way trip from the same company can save you a lot.

Besides, when and where you booked the service make prices differ. If you book a urgent service or a night-out service, or it is holiday rush time, the prices can be much higher.  

Last but not least, different limo companies have different prices for similar limousine services. You can consult and compare carefully before booking. Some companies may be not so famous, but provide kind services. Check the reviews and then make your decisions.

How Many Types of Limousines are there Nowadays?

In the past, a limousine was considered an extension of a car.  Nowadays, they are equipped with television screens, video players, expensive audio players, refrigerators and bars.There are different types of limousines for various purposes with different passenger capacities. 

Most people think of limousines as being a classic Rolls with a long hood and a chauffeur in livery upfront, or as one of the increasingly ubiquitous Town Cars that ferry the rich and powerful through busy cities every day. However, a limo can be that, but more beside. According to the Merriam-Webster, a limousine is simply "a large, luxurious, often chauffeur-driven sedan".

One of the most common types of limousines is the sedan limousine. Another type of limousine would be a stage limousine. Sometimes car designers or coach builders will try to develop limousines for aesthetic purposes to show off at automobile events. These types of limousines are known as exotic limousines. 

From four-seater limousine sedans to party buses that accommodate nearly twenty individuals, a good service will have all these options at your disposal. Comfort levels, however, can be met by picking the best limo depending on the purpose of your ride and the number of passengers you will be hosting.

The best limo service will offer different options capable of accommodating different sizes of people. Select one from Etrip limousine fleet, and be ready to be gawked at on the streets as all eyes are sure to be on this monster-sized vehicle when it is on the road.